Antimicrobial Filter System

The antimicrobial system usually comes with a carbon filter. This system is ideal to remove harmful germs and allergens from the air. This type of purifier is the ideal choice for those individuals who live in high pollen areas or have an unusual amount of dust mites

Individuals with hay fever have found the antimicrobial system with the carbon filter perfect for their symptoms. This unit remove all these allergens from the air making it easier for them to breath throughout their day. A positive about this type of system is that it can remove mold spores from the air as well.

Mold can cause a number of different breathing issues. It is the spores that become airborne that cause these breathing issues. The antimicrobial system gets these spores before they are breathed in. This abates the issues that the spores can cause on our respiratory system.

Ceramic Plate Purifier

People who live in close proximity to others or in small spaces will find this type of purifier ideal. This purifier will remove those pesky smells from other’s cooking and cleaning from their air. It specifically collects atmospheric pollutants associated with a lot of people in a small space. The ceramic plates can be taken out and hand cleaned saving the cost of costly filters.

HEPA With Charcoal Filter

The HEPA with pre-filter and charcoal filter is ideal for those who live with a smoker or is a smoker. This purifier removes second-hand smoke.

Carbon Filtration

The carbon filtration system successfully eliminates the bacteria and viruses that are all around us from your environment. This will aid with staying healthier and minimizing exposure to harmful germs.