Air Purifiers for Your Home

Air purifiers are an ideal way to remove harmful pollutants from your indoor space. When seeking to acquire an air purifier there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. The perfect purifier will not simply drop in your lap. A little bit of thought and some shopping around will net the ideal unit for your situation.

Portable or Whole Home

The first thing to take in mind is whether or not a portable unit or a whole home system will be chosen or needed. There are some differences between the two. A whole home unit typically will work through a central heating and air unit. To purify the air this way will dictate a different type of filter being hooked up to the unit.

A whole home system does tend to be a little more cost effective because it simply mandates the purchase of filters. One can enhance or minimize the air purifying by the size of the filter used in the system.

If a portable unit is chosen there are a variety of styles available. These units tend to be around 10 to 20 pounds. Larger units can be a little heavier, and they are on wheels for easily relocating them. The smaller units have handles and can plug into any outlet.

The smaller purifiers are freestanding and can be placed on a table or stand. These units typically use a HEPA filter. This is where the bulk of the expense comes in. HEPA filters can be a bit pricey. Some do offer the ability to use a reusable filter that can be cleaned and reinserted into the purifier.

Types Of Purifiers

The type of purifier that is chosen will depend on your personal needs. There are a few basic types that cover a wide range of personal needs. Among these include:


  • HEPA Filter System
  • Antimicrobial filter System
  • Ceramic Plate Purifier
  • Carbon Filtration
  • HEPA with Charcoal Filter

The HEPA filter system is ideal for those individuals who have pets. This system is able to remove pet dander from the air. It can also aid in controlling the many odors that are associated with owning a pet or two. Allergens are easily gotten rid of and germs from the outdoors are controlled with the HEPA system. Allergies are kept under control with the system and it is far easier to breathe with the pet dander out of the air. Online stores offers a great variety of air purifiers, so you can choose the best air purifier for pet hair that will be perfect for your home.